How did I evaluate the weighted blankets?

  1. I read a variety of reviews to get ideas about popular weighted blankets to try
  2. I ordered six of the most popular weighted blankets available from Amazon
  3. I slept under each weighted blanket every night for a week
  4. I took several naps with each weighted blanket
  5. I lay under each weighted blanket when I was feeling anxious or stressed
  6. I considered how well the blanket “hugged” me and calmed me down
  7. I considered how rested I felt after waking up
  8. I shook each blanket to see whether the filling shifted or made noise

What were the most important factors for choosing a weighted blanket?

  1. Breathability and temperature regulation

  2. High-quality filling

  3. Even weight distribution

  4. Large enough to fully cover you

  5. Not so heavy that it feels claustrophobic

  6. Machine washable

  7. Well-made stitching and durable zippers